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I need some help here. I have just had a desktop built from scratch. I bought all the parts needed but had someone to build it for me. I got problem here - he's not here at the moment so i was hoping i can get some help from you experts.

When i turned on the computer, i got this warning that said

"Warning: your computer CPU Fan fail or speed too low"

Press F1 to continue.

Is there something that he missed out here?

Thank you in advance
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Is it an ASUS A8N-Sli motherboard? If so read this

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If you don't have any fan movement he could have forgot to plug it in. If you can open the machine you should see a fan on the mother board( the one with every thing on it). Look to see if there is a loose or unplugged wire. If so, there should be a two or three prong port that has CPU fan below it. Plug it in, only if the wire comes from the CPU fan.

As with any computer unplug every thing, then work on it. You can plug it back in when you are ready to test it. You can test it with the case open.

This will only work if the CPU fan is not plugged in.
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I have the exact same problem, my pc has been working great, then this morning i got the error message. However mine's a bit more complicated, I can't open the PC and see if my CPU fan is on or off, because I have watercooling, so I can't note the difference if it's running on low speed or high speed ( I can feel that water is running through the pipes leading to the CPU, though).

I don't know if I dare pressing "Continue", will it burn my pc if the cpu is too warm ?

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