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Hi Guys,

Just after some opinions since panicking about the temperature of my processor.

My CPU is the Windsor Athlon x2 6000+ and for the last week its been idling at 49c which was worrying me, doing some work in visual studio made it occasionly trick over 50c. I'd been trying to identify what had recently changed to cause this temperature increase.

I just removed my recent USB TV dongle device and within 3 minutes, the temperature of my CPU has dropped down like 10 degrees to a heathly 39C at the moment. Could someone tell me why this is and have I anything to be concerned about using my USB TV adaptor in the future since I beleive I've identified this device as being the problem.

Note: While typing this thread, the temperature for my motherboard just dropped down two degrees and the CPU is now at 38C which it was originally like 2 weeks ago.
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Hey Shadows,

Most USB TV adapters that I've seen heavily rely on the processor to do the video and audio decoding. As soon as you plug in the device it sounds like it's maxxing out your proc and causing it to heat up. What isn't mentioned is if you notice this when the device is simply plugged in or if its when your using the device to watch TV. If its just when you plug it in, you might have a driver issue because it shouldn't be running any threads if its not decoding the TV signal.

The one downside i've noticed now that everyone has dual core processors is you can have a runaway process and never know it! I had a very similar issue with my APC backup program on windows vista and if I didn't have the system monitor, I probably wouldn't have even noticed it. The system never lagged.

In short, I would recommend looking into a PCI TV card so the decoding is less processor intensive. Just make sure you have adequate space and cooling in the case. Especially if its a Tuner, its going to put off a heck of a lot of heat.

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