Crucial X800GTO 256MB problems/Upgrade ?

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Post 3+ Months Ago

I have been having problems of late with my card - using ATITOOLS the card temp @ boot averages @ 41.4 with enviroment temp @ 37. Then after 10 mins running MFME (fruitmachine emulator) temp averages @ 55 with enviroment temp @ 47. Then after 10 mins or (crash/screen freeze) of a game (tested with - Scarface, Just Cause, San Andreas or even PDC World Championship Darts) then after quick reboot temp averages @ 86.4 with enviroment @ 53.

It seems to me the gpu is definantly overheating, so I phone the nice people @ Crucial (card only 8 mth's old) and they say they will replace it, but not with original as they no longer stock, but with an X1600 PRO 512MB.

Is this a fair swap ?

I know the X800GTO has GDDR3 memory and the X1600 PRO has GDDR2 but I am unsure about the other features/performance of each card.

I am not an overclocker and the power supply is suficiant, and case/cpu/mb are all @ good temp's.
Also the card has run OK since June.

Any help feedback much appreciated.

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