daisy chanied two routers, first weird thing ive done

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so we were having problems with our wrt54g, it would knock everyone off the network if more than 2 people via wireless tried to connect. we tried updating the firmware [from version 1 to 4 :) ...don't ask]but we couldn't. the bug fix for that firmware fixed our problem, but we couldn't do it. so we went out and got a new router, netgear 108 mbps, some new network adapters, a pci slot on for me, a pcmcia for my dads laptop, and that was that. little did we know that my mother would have such a hard time connecting to the network, and even then, she had no internet access. it was fine when she used the linksys network, so i got to thinking, why not just set up a different computer with the linksys router using the netgear router as the "cable modem". we got pretty far with this idea, but unfortunately, no actual [proverbial] "go". so what i had to do, was find a way to daisy chain them properly, and i stumbled upon this on the netgear forums http://forum1.netgear.com/support/viewt ... ight=daisy

very interesting and useful guide. so what i ended up doing was creating a static route [whatever the heck that is, it wasn't too hard though, netgear has a little tutorial setup on the router itself on how to do this] fiddled around with the linksys a bit, and got it done. only thing is, i cant access the linksys router anymore, it goes straight to the netgear. all in all, its pretty cool, we re-used a router [ :sob: i'm a damn hippy ] created more lan ports on our network, got mother on the internet using her old and fecal excrementy usb adapter, and i did something useful in the house.
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Your Netgear is probably and the Linksys is

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