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I have a Dell Inspiron 510M, which I've had for two years this June. Only last fortnight the right hand corner, where the monitor hinges to the bottom part started to crack from stress.

Now many more cracks have appeared, and the screen has completely detached from the bottom part of the laptop on that side. The metal around the outside of the screen, underneath the plastic bezel has snapped in half and the inside of the hinge has completely ceased up. I cannot close the laptop without it making a horrible crunching sound and the two parts of the plastic screen bezel being severely bent and exposed to a lot of stress.

To my knowledge my laptop has received no impacts or been trodden on etc.

I'm currently searching for replacement parts...

Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else with the Inspiron 510M? Many being sold on Ebay appear to have the same problem.

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