I/O device ERROR of suckiness!!!! :(

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I have an 80 gig external Maxtor hardrive that is giving me problems. I have saved all my critical information on it, which seemed to be a big mistake.
2 days ago i tried to load up my computer and went to eat and came back to see a screen that said 1050, 1051, 1052.... info record not readable or something to that format and the number was climbing really slowly. I noticed that the light to my H/D was not flashing but solid red. So i disconnected the H/D and then the numbers raced to a finish and then it said verification complete.....
OK whatever that means... Well maybe it wasn't such a good idea to unplug the H/D!!! Now when I plug in the H/D it takes a while to load up, and then it either says empty or "F:// is not assesible" "The request could not be performed because I/O device Error."
This H/D has always worked in the past without problems....
Please help me! Help will not go unnoticed!
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This is why you create backups of data. I am not here to lecture you, or tell you how to do things. But stuff goes bump in the night and can leave up of a certain creek without a paddle.

There are a few things you can try, but the prognosis is glim. Try an external enclosure to connect it to your system with a USB 2.0 or FireWire cable. Try it in another computer. Or if the data is valuable, $12,000 and 3 weeks *might* get your data from a data recovery agency.

Either way, get a new drive and invest in some form of backup. DVD, CD, Tape, LP - whatever.

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