Drive about to die ?

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I have an ooooooooldschool amd k6-2 350mhz based system (don't laugh, it's my home networks do-boy :P )

This system is running win2kServer and being i have no monitor for it (there's an emergency video card installed just in case :wink: ) it gets controlled using My Network Places/VNC (starts automagicly).

Here's the deal, out of nowhere it beeped....... normally it ONLY beeps on startup :?
After remoting in I see a big box telling me that "WDC someNumbers" (slave HDD) was unplugged unsafely & there was a loss of data.

I tried accessing the drive: Success, files seem to be all there.
I checked device manager, nothing out of the ordinary.
All in all, nothing looks like it has changed.

Could this be a sign of this drive getting ready to take a crap on me ?

Everthing is backed up, it's a slave drive, & a replacement would be easy to come by so i'm actually in a way hopeing that this is the case & not somthing else :D
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I have seen them get nosey, get hot, and just die. Loks like it is just going to Die.

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