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At the moment I am running 2 computers off the one DSL modem, one is running through ethernet and one is running through USB.

Now I just broke up with my partner and I am a tad angry (well actually fuming but anyway) cos I told him 5000 times not to look porn up on the internet connection, because whatever spyware he picks up, I will pick up. So what does he do (I think to make me angry) he looks up whatever porn he can get his grubby little hands on. And tonight he starts whining that his PC is slow. I told him to stop looking up porn then, because I came downstairs and saw him shut some webcam site down.

So I did a few scans and they picked up something like 300 infected files and 2 virus.

So my question is, how do I make this computer never ever except that it is connected to the internet again? (this PC this bum is on is MINE also so I can do whatever I like to it)

Thanks in advance!
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First of all, you mean accept, not except. Secondly, instead of sabotaging the PC, you need to make a deal with your partner. If you really want to disable the internet, remove the NIC.

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