Dual Monitors Won't Start

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About 3 or 4 days ago, both my monitors stopped working. I could turn on my PC, but the monitors would not recieve any signal. It had happened before this, but after rebooting 3 or 4 times, they would start.

I just purchased a new motherboard, ASUS P5Q-E with Wi-Fi/AP, as well as a new graphics card, Leadtek 512MB, which only cost me 50 bucks.
Before this I was using an Asus P5K se/epu, as well as a nvidia 6600GT 256MB.

Even after completely reassembling my computer, I still get zero signal from my monitors. One is connected through DVI, and the other VGA.

I thought it might be the monitors themselves, (even though both breaking down seems unlikely), so I plugged the VGA into my brothers laptop, and it came on perfectly.

Anybody have any idea why my monitors aren't starting?
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First step - unplug both monitors. Second, make sure you have your graphics cards seated properly and in the right position. Does your mobo have on-board graphics? If so plug one into it and see if it boots up. If not, then try the other two one at a time to see if either works (this may require one card at a time). At every step, be sure to make the connections nice and tight, as that could also be contributing.
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If you got any response from boot (processor, memmory, etc.) it is possible that you don't have the right resolution set up correctly.

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