dual xeon processors or one?

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hi all,

I am getting a new computer and now I am doing some research. I really like the Dell Precision 670 workstation, mainly because there is a deal with two free 20 inch lcds.. anyway, these systems can hold two processors. My question is, is it better to use two Intel® Xeon™ Processor 2.80GHz, 1MB L2 Cache or just one Intel® Xeon™ Processor 3.40GHz, 2MB L2 Cache for example?? The price is much cheaper to just add a second 2.8 processor..

Is that workstation a good choice for web-design purposes? Dreameaver, Flash, lots of Photoshop, etc.. I know the two LCDs would be :)

Any recommendations for other systems??

Its really exciting to shop around and do research for a new system. I can just picture these two nice screens on my desk :)

thanks for any help and thanks for reading,

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Having two of something is generally better than having just one [ although there are exceptions, such as two parking tickets :P ].

In the case of CPU's though, two is a good thing [ hence the release of the X2 and Intels soon releasing a dual core aswell ]. That said, if all you are doing is a bit of web development you will probably neither require nor make use of the second CPU.

If you using Macromedia / Adobe programs, your best bet will be plenty of system RAM.

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