Is My DVD-RW Dying ?

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Hi long time no see people how are ya'll :)
I was hoping i get an opinion from my fellas before i went ahead and screamed at Dell.
If anyone remembers about the time when i posted about purchasing a Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop ? Well this issue is related to that laptop.
Everything has been running smooth so far until recently i ran into issues. I have burned about 50-100 cds and dvds altogether without any issues but since a few days whenever i burn something i am getting errors at like 80% done status or even 90% done status and it's very frustrating. Although the status window of nero shows 8x speed but it takes like 10 mins to burn a 300 mb file which wasnt the case before. So i think somethings wrong with my DVD-RW drive or mayb it's these new DVD-R's which i bought recently from a warehouse which had a massive sale. I got 100 dvd-r's for like $11 canadian and i was so happy until now.
So my questions are as follows

1) what would you do to find out if your dvd-rw drive is dying ?

2) what would you do to find out if it's your dvd-rw drive or your blank dvds which are corrupt

Thx for all the help in advance
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I would bet it is your DVD's, a lot of those cheap DVD's are bad out of the box, go out and by a 5 or 10 pack of higher quality ones and see if it works.

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