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My aunty gave me a pc the other day to see if i could fix it . She told me her company had only used this a server.

it has windows xp 1 gb ram

When i press the power button on the front everything seems to be working fine ie fans spin lights flash ect, but nothing on the monitor. I thought it could be the video card (no onboard graphix or sound), so i took it out and tried it in my pc - it worked fine. i then took it back upstairs and placed it back in the problem pc.

This morning i came to write this message and thought " ill try it one more time" so i went back up stairs and turned the pc on---works fine booted up, got to welcome screen, then to tellytubby screen and was able to access my computer.
then i had to go out , so thinking it must have been a loose graphix card i shut down the pc... WRONG THING TO DO

came to turn it on again and i had the original problem back.......


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Post 3+ Months Ago

Is this a PCI Video Card or an AGP Card. If it's a PCI try putting the card into a different PCI Slot and see what happens.

Have you tried the monitor on another computer to see if it works okay, could be the monitor going bad.

I would also look at the Power Supply, I've seen some strange stuff and it turned out to be the Power Supply.

Just some Ideas hope they help.......

Good Luck.........

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