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Hello all,

As a result of this problem, I have probably gotten one of the first reasons why one should not multi-session a disk.

So I made a multi-session disk using Nero. I have been doing this for a while and have never encountered any problems until now.

The worst thing is, since I was so comfortable in my belief that this method never failed, I believe I must have foolishly deleted my files before verifying that the disk works. I say believe because I burnt the disk about a month ago and it's only until recently that I need the files on disk. I don't remember whether or not I checked the disk after the burn process, as I was burning other disks as well.

Anyhow, the error that I'm getting is:
Code: [ Select ]
Cannot copy file bit3 : The parameter is incorrect.

This occurs whenever I drag the file from the DVD to the desktop or any directory of my computer. The file is a .psd, Photoshop can't read it either. Nor the other images on the disk.

I have also tried using software like CDRoller and ISOBuster to retrieve those many .psd files, images and other software that are imprisoned on the DVD. I have tried creating a copy of the bad disk; no luck as the disk files are unreadable.

I created another multi-session on the disk to check if somehow, after the burn, Nero would maybe close the files properly. But this won't work as those files aren't accessed on the next multi-session. The newly added files work though.

Searched Google and the like. No solutions found there either. If there is a solution that anyone might be aware of please post a reply. I currently believe that there might be no hope for this DVD, but just incase...this is my call for help.

Thanks all.

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