Faulty Kingston USB Flash Drives?

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I'm throwing this out there to see if possibly i'm doing something wrong.

Our company recieved about fourty Kingston 1GB USB 2.0 flash drives.
Every one of them regesters as being 2GB in My Computer but in Computer Management > Disk Management it shows 2 partitions. One being 2GB and the other being somewhere around 126GB!! Of course thats not true. The 2GB area is formatted to FAT and the 126GB is Unallocated. This is true for every operating system that i've tried them on. (XP Pro, Server 2003, Server 2000)

Not only do they display incorrect capacity they all corrupt the files that are put on them.
I've formatted some right out of the box using FAT and FAT32, some no formatting, ect.
Nothing keeps the files from being corrupted.

My best guess is that we recieved a bad batch of flash drives.
What do you think?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I think you should call Kingston. I'd have to agree with your guess that all of them are bad.

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