Framerate and Crash problem

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I build my computer back in January and it worked great. My framerates were high and it was running awesome. In the past 2 months i have experienced a snowball effect of problems. It started with framerate issues on my games. Started with World of Warcraft where I was only getting 4-10 FPS at almost all times never going above 20-22 now. Then it started with Counterstrike Source and my frames dropped to 10. Then Warcraft III everything loads very slow and i can't play any of the games where there is a lot of activity on screen. I had an ATI Radeon x700 pro before when it was doing this...switched to a EVGA Nvidia 7800GS and the same problem persists. I have downloaded all the drivers and everything and its obviously not a Video Card problem since switching did absolutely nothing (little improved performance since its a much more powerful card).

Lately I have had a problem with computer shut downs. I did buy a compusa 500Watt supply because i thought i needed 18A on the 12v rail for my new card to work...was crashing constantly so went back to my 450W 15A on 12v rail. It works the same but crashes only happen now when i try to play games.

The BIOS reading on my CPU temp was about 77C when XP loaded and with Speedfan it says about 88-90C...i'm assuming that extremly high and i need to address that with some dusting maybe and reinstalling the intel cpu cooler maybe getting a better thermal paste (friend installed CPU fan he knew what he was doing back then don't know if there was paste then). Also on the 12v i am getting 11.61V I'm not sure if thats important. I just installed Speedfan so I don't understand it too much so i'll give you its readings in my comps stats.

Sometimes after it crashes I'll get a messge saying CPU Overtemperature or Overclock Failure...but I don't overclock and reset the BIOS settings over and over.

What I'm really worried about is that FPS that seems can't be fixed and that crashing problem which I'm sure is coming from heat. I really don't want to get an out of stock cooling system because I really don't want to come into more complications installing or anything and since i don't overclock at all....

Intel P4 3.0 GHZ 800 FSB Prescott
Corsair Valueselect 1G
EVGA 7800GS AGP Video Card
Asus P4S800D-X MOBO
Western Digital 160 GB HD
Windows XP Professional

TEMP 1: 35C
TEMP 2: 88-90C 3068 RPMS
TEMP 3: -48C
HD0: 38C

THANK YOU for whoever attempts to read and help!
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My suggestion would be to use some new and trusted thermal paste, and reseat the heatsink.

I recently just did this, and it dropped my core temperature significantly.
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Yea its probably a overheating issue, 88 - 90 is way too high. Reseat the heatsink as Merlyn suggested and that should solve your problems. I would also recommend getting some case fans if you dont already have any.
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1.) Your processor is known for running hotter than lucifers farts.
2.) compusa power supply? NEVER BUY A GENERIC PSU. Get an antec or thermaltake or PC P&C and then see how it works.
3.) Get a decent processor heatsink and fan. Try a Zalman CNPS9500 with some Arctic Silver 5 thermal interface material. Follow the directions to the T on the Arctic Silver website and you should see some drastic drops in your CPU temps.

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