Gaming rig ready to order?

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PROCESSOR = $267.99

GRAPHIC CARD = $249.99

RAM = $94.99

PSU = $51.84


HARD DRIVE = $75.99

DVD BURNER = $34.54


Do you think I am good to go?
Am I missing something or should I change something?
Should I add a shipping insurance for additional $15 or is it not necessary?

Thanks in advance!
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Everything looks good.

You might want to consider a motherboard with SLI support so you can add another video card in the future without have to upgrade the motherboard.

If not that's fine, you seem to have a pretty excellent gaming system.
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for gaming ummm alienwear all the way :)
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deathblade wrote:
for gaming ummm alienwear all the way :)

Not really, its EXTREMELY over prices. Its a great system for those that arnt looking to do a custom but, if you custom is usaly the best way to go.

To build a machine like the one list above would cost over $1500.

The only thing I can suggest would be the possable upgrade of the motherboard for SLI, but if you ever go SLI you might need a larger PSU to support the dual cards.

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