Getting an XPS 1710.

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Well i've been doing a little research to what "desktop replacement" laptop im going to get, and i have decided to go with the dell xps 1710 over the alienware m9700.

The deciding factor in my decision was the dual core processor on the xps, the free 512mb 7900GTX upgrade (better then dual 7900gs 256mb on the alienware), and the price was way cheaper!

I can have the dell shipped & taxes in for $2700 CAD, while the alienware was going to be well over $3000 USD before $200 USD shipping and $400 USD taxes + the addition of duty and what not. (oh and the dell comes with a free backpack where alienware u have to pay an extra $100)

Sure the alienware had a few cool features with bluetooth built in already, tv in, raid and a few little things like that... which are nice but i'd rarely use them. But its not all worth the extra money when the dell will outperform the setup i would have bought thru alienware.

The only thing left to do is decide if i want to go with an 80gig sata 7200rmp vs a 120gig sata (assuming 5400rpm) drive? the 80gig is $60 more, but I have an external 200gig which I would likely use for space concerns...

Do you think the extra spin speed is better over the increased capacity?

It's going to replace 2 systems. One is my home pc (64 bit 3200+, 1 gig ram, ati 9700pro 128mb) and the laptop i currently lug back and forth to work M-F (acer 1350, xp 2600+, 512ram)

what do u guys think
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I would surely go for the 7200 rpm over the 5200 rpm + 120gb more space, theres the added benefit to you that its a laptop hdd as well. Anyways theres always the old cheappy external hard disc drives if you run out of space.

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you could justify the extra space the 5400rpm drive affords you by taking into consideration extended battery life. however the difference in battery life between 7.2k and 5.4k is negligible and therefore is a matter of price or performance. ive used both a 5.4k drive and a 7.2k drive in my laptop [the one before yours m170] and i dont notice any large difference in the bootup times, or application start up.

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