I'm going to be building this computer! :D

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Isn't it amazing?

I am getting it soon.

It costs around $2,700.


I was a good boy and switched from Intel to AMD. :D
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I hate to break this to you but the FX-60 is highly over-rated.

Don't get me wrong, it is a brilliant CPU but for the price, it doesn't produce what would be expected.

For the same performance you can get a X2 4800 CPU which has the same die architecture, same heat output, hell, its the same CPU in a different box. The X2 4800 is about half the price of the FX-60 aswell.

The system you have there is a nice system but I wouldn't call it "Future Proof" as you have stated at the top.

1) The G71 core GPU's are being released at the begining of March, so there goes the 7800GTX

2) The AMD AM2 Socket M CPU's are being released around June which will support DDR2 and other cool new stuff

I know that all seems like I`m being negative about that system but I`m not, just informing you of the options avaliable to you if your willing to wait and perhaps save a few more dollars.

The AM2 is what I am personally waiting for, have had money set aside for a new PC for months now and was despreate to get a X2 but I`m biting my lip and holding off for the new CPU's and GPU's coming out very soon !

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