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does anyone have any idea:
if im an Australian company,
and i would like to have GPS to be able to track my vehicles,
and im going to develop my own GPS software,
and am going to have GPS transponder...
but where should i rent the satellite service???

thank you
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In space! Seriously though you don't need to worry about renting satellite service per se. You just need a system that will allow the vehicles GPS to connect to your network, which you could do via a rented satellite service, or more cheaply you can do via other means. I have a friend in the UK that wrote exactly the kind of software your talking about for a british company. Their system uses the mobile phone network, although that is probably a lot easier in a small highly populated country like the UK where the mobile phone network gives pretty much complete coverage. The people you need to discuss this with are the major players in the Austrailian communications industries, whoever they might be.

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