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I have two hard drives ( master 120 gig ata 100, 7200 rpm and a slave 120 gig ata 100 7200 rpm 2 meg cache , on the same cable. My 2nd cable has cdrw and dvd rw drives.

1) Does it make a difference which hard drive I install my pc games on as far as performance. I install most my games on my slave hard drive and use my master for xp /programs .

2) My 3 year old slave drive had one bad sector. I used HDD REGENERATOR to fix the drive (the trial program fixes one sector then you have to pay). Since then I dont have any more bad sectors, so can I consider that my drive is still in good shape. Antbody use hdd regenerator. see website for product

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IF both drives are PATA100 7200RPM then no, there will be no performance difference. If on the other hand, one HDD has a 2Mb cache [ as it looks in your question ] then yes there could be a small performance difference but not visable to the eye.
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Seperating the games from the disk with the OS may give you some performance increase but as Enigmatic states, probably not noticeable.

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