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First of all i'd like to say that I'm impressed by this website , i've seen our computer admin in school use this forum and decided to check it out. All comes down to one word..Impressive.[luv da colorz 2]
I have a couple of questions regarding my hardware:
1. My DVD-R/CD-ra doesn't properly work. The problem is when i insert a blank CD and try to open the DVD drive it asks me to insert a blank CD.
It also wont write any file to any of the CD's i try. It has worked before, so i considered the problem as a virus damage and fully defragmented and reinstalled my OS. Still no luck. This drive does read all the CD's and DVD's but will not write as in the past. Also I have another CD-RW drive which does read and write.

2.My other computer wont accept it own RAM card! I was, as always, tweaking stuff and removed my computers RAM cards, afterwards i put them back exactly how i found it. The problem is the computer wont accept one of those cards. Any idea how i can fix that?
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On the DVD/CD-RW: :idea:
I hade a problem like that awhile ago,come to find out that i hade my burning settings set to durn a DVD not a CD so when i put a blank CD in it was saying please put the RIGHT KIND of blank disk in..so that is one lil thing that held me up that u can try...

On the RAM: :idea:
If u didn't not use a static band when u took out the ram sticks and u happened to tough a circuit then u could of fried one of the main circuit paths or memory chips..try different way of putting them in and or try turning off any over clocking that u "MIGHT" have on till after u get it to boot with all memory working...other than that if the case is that it fried in handling it then the only way (unless u like to soldering) is to get a new stick..UPGRADE TIME! :P..hope that or at lease some of what i said helps..good luck,XDUDE.
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Posted: Thu Dec 02, 2004 12:21 am

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