I have a acer 8200 heating prob.many probs.

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Post 3+ Months Ago

Ok, so I bought a used laptop.. big mistake I wont make again.
Everything was working ammmmmazing the first like, week, give or take a day.

I turn it on, like usual... I leave the room.. it goes into the power save mode or w/e.
I come back, hit a button to turn the screen on... but no dice.
I then have to push the power button. This happens a few times, and sometimes I need to take the battery off because the power button wont turn it off.....

Now, lets say, a day or 2 after that.. (it worked fin except for that weird power thing)....
I turn it on, and it freezes... I try ctrl+alt+delete, to see if I can restart.. but nothing works..
So of course I have to manually shut it off...
I let it sit for a few minutes.. then start it up again.
It keeps doing this.. either freezing, restarting, or just turning off.

I then get, as my boyfriend and his friend said "The blue screen of death".
My boyfriend thinks I got a virus, because I am bad with computers...But I swear I didn't do anything, but he assumes I did.

Forward a few hours, we try to re-install windows. When we try this, it takes FOREVER, because it freezes a billion times.
Takes quite a few tries, and it installs.
Turn it on.. still doing what it did before. Shutting down,turning off...
So we notice it's EXTREME over heating.....
Bring it to the local, what I now realize *plum* laptop shop.
Guy turns it on: It's the hard drive, for sure. That's it, that's all you need. It will be ok if you get one.
So, I go get one, not from him, because I go to a actual company store and find one for way cheaper.

I put it in, of course, doesn't do it.
Then, I bring it to a friend. They say it could be many things, possibly the fan, because it wasn't working, and then it would spin a couple times, if even, and the laptop would shut down. says worse case the motherboard. :(

So I am so fed up I call Acer. I am off their warranty by a few months. The guy tells me to try a new fan.
I get a new fan... put it in... still.. no dice. Did the same thing as with the old fan. Just spins a few time, if even.
And half the time the computer doesn't even load.

Sigh, end of lonnnng post. I am going to try to see how much it will cost to get it checked. I blew a lot on it, and am getting to the point where I just wish I never bought it, and will not buy anything used again.
Any help, would be much appreciated. :cry:
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Usually the fan or fans are the first thing to check. I don't know how many fans are in a laptop. There are at least 2 in a desktop.

If they aren't spinning, that's the problem for sure. Point a table fan towards the laptop. See if that drops the temp enough for you to boot it and work on it.

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