help appreciated, dell latitude D800

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k so basically this is how it goes. A month ago my Latitude D800 turned into a massive mess. I re-installed windows on it, upgraded it, and now I basically messed everything up and need some help.

First off: It says I cant burn CDs anymore even though it is supposed to be able to write CDs. Do I have to reinstall something for that?

Two: Heres the big problem. The other night the laptop ended up falling on the ground. The power cord that plugs into the laptop bent at an angle, but I was able to bend that to make it straight again. The problem is, for some reason it wont charge anymore. I've tried different chargers, but basically the same thing happens. Once I plug it back into the hole, the little green light on the charger shuts off, and sometimes it makes a high pitched noise. Now I don't know what to do. I'll unplug the cord from the laptop, and I'll unplug it from the outlet. I'll plug it back into the outlet, and then I'll plug it back into the laptop but it does the same thing.

So I figured there would be an easy way to get around this... but more things went wrong.

I figured that if I used the dock it would be fine... right?
Well I plugged the power cord into the dock, and the dock lit up orange, then I inserted it into my computer, and then everything happens again. The green light on the charger turns off, and then the dock doesnt light up anymore. I then figured I put the dock in wrong. So then I put the dock on, made the green light on the charger to go back on, and then I inserted it into the dock again, but the green light went off, and the dock had no power, thus the laptop running out of battery.

I now have to find a way to charge the battery (through a friend) and I can only use this thing for about an hour or so before the battery dies. can anyone please help?

thank you for your time
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Is it still under warranty?

Sounds like you dropping it caused some damage.

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