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I'm out of ideas..

My problem is this: My desktop boots up. Runs post. Loads windows splash screen then goes blank for an undetermind amout of time. Eventually it seems to load the OS but usually takes 30-60mins, I usually walk away. I can load safemode fine and with no delays.

-Tried diff graphics cards (pci-e=pci).
-Swapped RAM around, even removed one then the other.
-Tried different monitors.
-Installed Windows XP Pro to two diff hard drives with same result.
-Removed RAM & CMOS battery to "reset" settings.
-Jumping off the roof.

My setup is:

p4 3.2ghz
2gigs of DDR2 RAM
Asus P5ND2-SLI Mother Board
Seagate 160gig sata
Seagate 300gig sata
Radeon x700 Pci-E x16
Windows XP Pro

Let me know if I left anything else out.
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Please don't post in two different forums, as for the problem im not sure but it sounds like it is hardware related. No idea what would cause something like this though.
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Sorry I posted in both due to not knowing if its a windows or hardware issue. Figured the people who view those forums are either software or hardware gurus.. Just figured I'd get seen by both. Do I need to delete one of them?

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