HELP with desktop freezing in black screen

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hi.. I have a friend who inherited a desktop with a Windows ME operating system. she had me help her install her HP deskjet 960. It was installed fine, but the printer didn't have ink-filled cartridges, so that was a problem. then, she asked to have the Windows Media Player be checked why it won't play audio cds. we inserted an audio cd, and it was playing, but no sound (volume on the system on high, stereo speakers on high ... nothing on mute), then it hanged. i restarted the unit. then, now it freezes on the black screen, with ATAPI CD-ROM (or CD drive) failure.

It can sometimes get to the choices of either Safe Mode/Normal Mode/Step-by-Step configuration/...

I chose Safe Mode.
I can get to Safe mode, and tried System Restore.
But the system cannot Restore to prvious state it says.

I don't know what to do.

My supervisor told me in training to reformat the whole system, and that Windows ME usually haes problems.

What do I do? please help... ASAP... :(
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The best thing you to do is reformat the C:\Operating system if you have partition ur HD then, if its not sorry to say you have to reformat the whole HD.

if you dont know what to do. Heres the steps, insert the Windows CD at CD/DVD Rom then better to use Windows XP sp2 then restart go to BIOS to hit DEL-->then find the boot priority setting or the hardware priority of booting. disable it as of now and choz the CD/DVD ROM as ur first boot. And when its done restart and when its any key to it.

Then wait untill loads the setups and follow the steps.

Then after setting up and after reformating it will prompt u to reboot then click DEL again then, go to BIOS enable the corret booting priorities such as HD as Primary Master And CD/DVD as Secondary Master then restart.

The windows installation will continue....wait untill it finishes....but there were some part u need to input the serials and ut Name etc...provide it.

After installation of the OS install all the drives necessary.
Then its done! I hope everything would be okay.

The cause:
Due to windows ME OS is not reliable, only few who are using that better shift to XP sp2 or Windows Vista. To have a peace of mind with reliable support operating system.

Due to system corrupted the drivers does not responding and failed of playing sounds and failed to display. check your monitor cables, video card connection maybe you have moved a little why its not functioning. You have to do the troubleshooting method. Determine the common cause such as cables wires and connection to each hardwares etc.. then proceed then.

I hope this would help. if not add ill be there to help you. Thanks.

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While I agree that ME should go, I would go with XP Professional or W2k. It's too early for Vista.

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