here's a very tough question

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Can anybody answer me this then:

Why is it forbidden to ask a question about something i don't understand on a site which is seemingly dedicated to asking and answering questions and solving problems???

It's not my goddamned homework, for the last time, i am revising for an exam, i am asking people to explain or suggest answers to the PRACTICE questions so that given appropriate answers for these i may then be able to apply my new found knowledge for the ACTUAL exam on wednesday.

Google sucks, as do all search engines because the internet is full of crap. its glogged like a fat persons toilet, and that leaves me no other option that to ask people with answers.

So, to repeat myself - where is the harm in asking people to share their knowledge with me? Is this a personal vendetta that you want to see me read books about stuff before i am allowed to revise? A few simple helpful links would suffice, anything to just point me in the right direction because i dont know any good networking websites. But no, it seems that you are determined to watch and wait for me to fail my exams. Some forum this is. Stick your poker game up your ass too. i thought u were a decent bloke just strict on your morals, but this is a joke. Ask a question and get shot down. The first time i offered money for people to do work for me, now all i ask is HELP in any shape or form. Well as a very intelligent man once said - "screw you guys, i'm going home"
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No explanation necessary. It was explained enough and people did try to help when you approached it correctly and did most of the work yourself. If you do happen to come back around I'm sure you'll notice I've helped you out the door. Seeya.

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