High End PC?

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Hey every1,

I find myself needing a PC now that I'm going into 3D. I'm a mac guy so i don't know anything watsoever about which pc company is the best for what i need etc.

It needs to handle 3dsMax, Maya, ZBrush (Millions Of Polys)... Photoshop, Painter X..... I'd like it to be able to handle all those programs pretty well and fast. Anyway any recomendations would be great as i have no idea where to start.

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Well if you want a cheap, but powerfull PC they you will want to do a custom. Your best bet is to go to the companys that make those products and ask if they can handle quad core. Maya and ZBrush should, I believe they where designed for it.

There are the general Core 2 Quads that are the common proccesors. The next level are the Core 2 Extremes. You will want alot of ram to make rendering faster.

Do you have a budget planned yet?
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Perhaps even the new Quad Cores?

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