How best to use second pc to download from ADSL?

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I currently have Celeron 2.8 PC with Gforce 5200 graphics card. I am going to upgrade to a good games machine and keep this machine to download via ADSL

The new main PC will remain in my bedroom where the ADSL/phone connection is.
My plan is to have the other low end computer in the spare room, connecting in to the internet through my main PC to download via wireless router. Since my internet connection is in my room I would turn off the high end PC in my bedroom and move the other PC to the living room to d/l by directly connecting to the modem by running the cord out through my bedroom door to the living room before I go to bed. I do this every evening with my current PC.

I would want the main PC to also be online as well (for playing online games, checking email etc).

My rationale for doing this is that I would prefer to use the old PC for downloading in case something goes wrong eg hacked into, virus etc affecting old PC so it doesn't matter so much, rather than good new PC.

I can't download overnight with a PC in my bedroom because of the noise it makes.

Does this idea make sense? Any better ideas?

Would it be very difficult to get longer cord for the modem so I can download directlly from the spare room without having to move the old PC?

Would the anti virus software (BitDefender) and antispyware software (Spysweeper) probably be able to be installed on both pcs, bearing in mind that I would be online on both pcs sometimes at the same time (using internet on one while the other downloads)?

How difficult would it be to make it so that when I use the internet on the main PC that the PC downloading slows down so my internet connection is acceptable?

I have 256 ADSL (the slowest ADSL and 5 times faster than dialup).

I know I'm asking a lot but any feedback appreciated, especially from those with 2 PCs already doing this type of thing.
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why dont you do the following.
keep the adsl modem in your room. buy a wireless router which also has ethernet [wired] ports and connect the new [game] computer to it via the ethernet, and the old pc in the other room via the wireless. that way you can keep the old one online during the night for downloads, and the gaming one on during the day for gaming and whatnot.

your antivirus and spyware protection seems adequate and i cant see a reason that would say otherwise.

yes, if the router you buy supports qos, you would be able to prioritize internet and gaming traffic over p2p [downloading] traffic

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