How much memory is needed for a file server?

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I am in the process of building a file server that I am going to use as a central repository for videos, music, games, etc. and accessed via hardwired or wireless network by my entertainment PC (yet to be built).

I was going to start with an old Dell Dimension 2350 P4 1.8GHz 512MB PC-2100 (266MHz) DDR & ~460 GB of hard drive space...thinking of adding another 512MB of RAM.

My question is about the RAM...since I am going to be using the file server to stream movies (DVDs) to my home entertainment PC would 1 GB PC-2100 (266MHz) DDR memory be overkill (~$79-99 for another 512MB module)?

My network connection will be a standard 10/100 hardwire, but I have the 802.11b wireless (~4 Mbps realistically).
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go for the 512 extra ram ... you wont regret it
ive always seen servers with lots of ram
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For my server which does a small amount of stream I've got 2.048GB and a 2.40 Intel PIII. Get as much RAM in it as you can.
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Being this is a home setup & you mention PC singular, I say try it with the 512, You can always get the ram later (it may even be $5 cheaper by then :D )

Now if you are planning some sort of big event involving this server soon then I say Gungho with the ram :D

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