IBM Thinkpad Screen issues

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Hello all,

I have an IBM Thinkpad laptop, pretty old, not sure maybe 2002, and have recently had some issues with the screen the last couple of months. Every so often, I'd be working and if I moved or soemthing the screen would flicker on and off and back on, or the screen would get jumbled or fuzzy and freeze and go blank. This happened maybe once a week or so. Then I would sometimes get the blue error screen message and I'd shut it down and it'dbe okay for a few days, etc...well, just over this past weekend, my roommate was using it and it was fine and within 10 minutes of him putting it down and me grabbing it, it would give me a screen witl blue lines throug it and a fuzzy picture, etc and ultimately go blank. I forced it shut down and tried it again to the same thing, I just left it off and forgot about it until the next day. I tried it again and got the same thing, sometimes when I squeezed by the mouse area it would give me a picture but a fuzzy one or one with lines through it, but it would never stick. I tried playing with it and took screws out the back and tried to see if maybe something didn't look right and with all the screws out and the keyboard lightly placed on the top the comupter worked just fine for like 3 hours! After awhile I went to put the screws in because I didn't trust myself (I'm not too computer savvy) and they all wne tin the right spots just fine, and now it does the stuff again. I can get it to trun on and boot up, fan sounds, make noise like normal, but no picture or very sporadic, again maybe fuzzy, or pitcure with lines.....I chatted online with GeekSquad and the rep informed me I had a Port 80 virus inmy hard drive, and then disconnected our converstaion.....upon further investigation it sounds like I maybe have a broken screen or video card or somthing....(I used to have a Dell and that had a video card problem and I sometimes had the same issues so maybe that's the same problem here) So, I'm hoping someone can give me some help because I'm at wits end and don't want to get a new computer or pay to have someone fix it or diagnosis it only to find out they're wrong....Help anyone!
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what happens if you try hooking it up to an external monitor?

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