iBook accident

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I've already posted this in the Mac forum, but it's probably more of a hardware question, so here goes:

Last night, I spilled about 1/4-1/2 of a bottle of beer on my iBook. After immediately freaking out a little, I tried to let the beer spill off of my laptop and then dabbed the rest of it off, including taking out the keyboard and dabbing it off underneath. My computer looked like it was frozen, so I turned it off. I cleaned it off more thoroughly and let it sit off for a few minutes. Then I turned it back on. It beeped about three times (it might have been more or less though... I was concerned about other things at that moment) and immediately went into a kind of "sleep" mode. The white sleep light went on and off, but in a different way than it usually does. After I started reading forums about spilling things on laptops, I turned off the laptop again and sat it upside down on a towel with the keyboard and the battery out of the laptop.

I tried to turn the computer on again today after letting it sit overnight, and it started up and made the whirring noise (although it seemed to be for longer than usual), but there was no start up chime and no beeps. It just came up to a blank gray screen. It sat like that for a minute or two before I gave up and turned it off. I'm letting it sit upside again, hoping to drain any remaining moisture from it. I'm remembering a time when my friend's cell phone didn't work for a week after she was thrown into the pool with it in her pocket, but after that time, it finally dried out enough to go back to functioning. Is it possible that this will be a similar situation or am I screwed? Anyone know what the gray screen and no startup noise would indicate?
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If it was on when the liquid was spilled on it, and you tried to turn it on a few times before it was dried out, you probably shorted some connections and fried it.
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In my opinion this topic is relevant in both forums, but since you've already got a conversation going on it in the Mac forum, let's keep that one going so that people don't have to keep track of two topics.

Original topic: macintosh-forum/ibook-accident-t93034.html

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