Increase windows speed & costamize

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i want to increase speed and cosamize windows cmponets.please helpme
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There are many different ways to do this. To increase the speed you can take less programs off of start up that are not necessary. this will improve the speed of the boot-up and that may be running in your background.

Hit Enter, or click Ok.

Select "Selective Startup"
Then go to the "Startup" tab.

deselect everything that you do not want in your startup.

as for customization, there are a few programs including "StyleXP" and a company called "Stardock" makes assorted things to make your Windows look better.



StyleXP costs money. I cannot refer to warez as it is against the rules of the forum. "Windows Blinds" made by Stardock also costs money.

More RAM or a new Processor will also make your computer run faster. Doing regular virus scans/spyware scans and doing regular defragmenting will also increase the speed. There is a program that is used to clean out unnecessary files on your computer. This is called "Crap Cleaner (CCleaner)."

This program will even clean your registry.

Crap Cleaner (CCleaner)

If you get "StyleXP" you can download it's styles at

Hope this helps!
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i would reccomend something other than stlexp or stardock, as in a low spec computer, you will have a lot of problems. they will slow down the computer more than they will help you.

low load programs to customize the windows gui are astonshell and litestep. i personally recommned litestep as it is a great program with some very cool looking gui's

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