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hi guys, i have a laptop dell inspiron 1000, i was cleaning its interior from cat hair and dust, it was booting fine when i had the case and covers opened showing the mobo, but then when i put all the screws in it stopped booting, no image at all, only the power light is on, no bios beep either, so i took it apart and remove battery, when i push power the lights blink, the fan spins for about 10 secs and then stops and the power light next to the mouse pad will also be on, now, if i have the cd drive out then it will do the same but this time the fan will keep spinning. i checked and reset the lcd connection on the mobo and also inside the monitor, i tried using an external monitor and nothing, i think i either fried the mobo or the cpu.
i have a friend who has a dell c640 and a c840, if i wanted to know if the processor is damaged, can i swap them with the inspiron, the inspiron uses a 2.2 celeron socket 478, and the dell c640 and c840 use a p4, i don't want to take it apart before being sure one of them will fit the inspiron.
if i fried the mobo would the fan still spin ? if not then i guess is the cpu.
i hope i didn't confuse anyone.

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