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Post 3+ Months Ago

I am running XP (w/o SP2) Intel 82915G/GV/910GL Display Adapter.

I have just started to use a program called Keyhole 2Lt and would like any feedback concering the type of graphic card I should being using and if any upgrade is even recommended.

HP 520 P4 with I Gig of Ram. I can't determine anything about my Graphic Card and the amount of memory of the card. .

Software can be found at (Trial Version) i

Any assistance would be appreciated.

P.S. Driver was updated with latest (1/2005 ) version.


Keyhole 2 Release Notes - October 12th, 2004 (v2.2.990)


- The current version of the Keyhole 2 installation
can co-exist on the same machine with an existing 1.7.x
Keyhole client.

- At any point in the future, you can remove the 1.7 version
of the Keyhole client without affecting the settings or
data saved in the Keyhole 2 client.

Minimum Configuration

- Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, or XP
- Pentium 3, 500Mhz
- 128M RAM
- 200MB disk space
- Network speed: 128Kbits/sec
- 3D-capable video card with 16Mbytes of VRAM
- 1024x768, "16-bit High Color" screen

Recommended Configuration

- Windows 2000 or XP
- Pentium 4 2.4GHz+ or AMD 2400xp+
- 512M RAM
- 2 GB of free disk space
- Network speed: 1.5 megabits/sec (DSL/Cable/T1/T3)
- 3D-capable video card with 32 MB of VRAM or greater
- 1280x1024, "32-bit True Color" screen


- Many new graphics-intensive features have been added, so graphics card
compatibility is an issue. Be sure to update your graphics driver.
In particular, out-of-date Intel graphics drivers will NOT work.

- This version supports Windows 2000 and Windows XP and has been
tested successfully with Windows XP-SP2 with some caveats:

- If you install Windows XP SP2, it may DOWNgrade your driver to
an older one than is found on the manufacturer's website. Some
people are reporting that these nVidia, Intel, and ATI drivers
are breaking Keyhole. Please go to their websites and download
and install the latest driver _after_ installing SP2. Note: use
the driver version number, not the date to determine modernity.

- This version will now run on Windows 98SE or ME. It uses a slightly
different user-interface, but all baseline functionality should be present.
Movie-making is not supported in 98SE or ME.

- This version will NOT run on Windows Server 2003.

- A minimum screen size of 1024x768 is required. Also, "True Color (32-bit)"
and a sufficient graphics card are required for filled polygons otherwise
they will be drawn as outlines only.

- the default OpenGL renderer is the usually the best from both a performance and
visual quality perspective.

- The Direct X version of Keyhole 2 is software selectable in the preference
panel. If there is a problem at startup, you can also change it via
the Start Menu item. Use it on older machines and laptop computers that
have trouble with the default OpenGL version.

- The Direct X version of Keyhole 2 requires DirectX 8.1 or newer. Microsoft's
current release is 9.0c: ... laylang=en

- If you have a Quadro, FireGL, or other workstation card that
has problems with printing, movie making, or filled polygons (flashing or replicated
on the screen), change one of the options in the advanced area
of your Display Properties and then restart the Keyhole client.
(eg: Control Panels->Display->settings->Advanced->3D for ATI)

a) For ATI FireGL, find the application configuration section
tab, and choose "3dsmax". ATI will soon be adding a "Keyhole"
mode, choose that if available.

b) For Quadro, select the "use unified back/depth buffer" check box.

New Features

The Keyhole client software has been re-written. Major new
features include:

[Added in Keyhole 2.2 release]

- Optionally display and input in Degrees/Minutes/Seconds

- Optionally display altitude and elevation in feet/miles

- Double-click on icon in the 3D viewer to fly to it

- Two-line address can be pasted into geocoder

- Microsoft Excel exported CSV file can be imported into Keyhole 2 if it
contains "Latitude"/"Longitude" in column names (PRO/EC with Data Importer only)

- Save/revert myplaces.kml using right-click menu

- New "View" menu that allows a one-time resize of the 3D view to a
particular size or aspect ratio

[Added in Keyhole 2.2 Beta (since Keyhole 1.7) ]

- A new appearance: rectangular window layout, brushed-metal

- *GIS imagery import (premium feature in PRO): geo-referenced image files
such as geoTiffs are now directly loadable as overlays. The Keyhole client
reprojects and resizes the image to an allowable size determined by the
graphics card (typically 2K x 2K). It then automatically positions the data if it
contains geo-referenced information. If the image is too large for
the graphics card, you can choose to crop or to resize the image.
The crop option displays a UI to choose the center point of the
image. Cropped images preserve the original data resolution.

Supported projections are WGS84 and NAD83.

- *GIS vector import (premium feature in Pro): points, lines, and polyline data files
can now be loaded into the Keyhole client. Lat/Lon and name are automatically
detected, all other attributes are stored in the local database.
a random color is assigned. Features can be restricted to the current view.

NOTE: currently, the limit is 2500 features from one vector file.

- *Imported attributes from .shp and similar files can be viewed by
checking the "Table view" checkbox in the client.(premium feature in PRO)

- New XML-based data specification method for both placemarks and
overlay data: .kml

- Layer data (including overlays) now stored in a single database on
the client and displayed in a multi-level hierarchical tree view
that allows drag-and-drop functionality

- Table view offers the ability to sort data by attribute.
Single-clicking on a header sorts on that column. Single-clicking
on an item highlights that item in the "My Keyhole" layer view.
Double-clicking on an item flies to it in the viewer.
(PRO/EC feature only)

- *MovieMaker (premium feature in Keyhole 2 PRO), rewritten from scratch, now
supports compressed formats and a very-high-quality (but slower) rendering
mode for nearly perfect movies

- "Network Link" - a new way of sharing KML data, either as a URL or a
network file, can be auto-refreshed.

- Ability to import/draw filled polygons (on graphics cards that can support it)
(PRO/EC feature only)

- Overlays can now be rotated

- Ability to specify custom icons locally (via URL or file path)
(They need to be .png files, typically 64x64, but KH2 will resize)

- Edit Placemark control of icon, label, color, and scale (size)

- Placemark creation/edit uses draggable icon

- Edit folder control of icon/label color/scale (size)
(this will push a custom icon or style to all children of a folder)

- On-screen easy access to transparency slider. Applies to
selected item, including children of a folder. Needed for
overlays and filled polygons

- Improved vector anti-aliasing on graphics cards that can support it

- Improved rendering of terrain: less cracking

- Progress bar on long prints; printing speed increased

- Improved full-screen mode

- Time-based display of data (EC only), a control panel for animating/selecting
timestamps found in KML

- Overview window is a float window; WMS functionality limited to Keyhole 2 EC
(PRO/EC only)

- On-screen compass

- Screen displays Lat/Lon of cursor, altitude of eye

- Keyhole 2 client is now associated with legacy .eta files

- URLs entered in the HTML description field are automatically
linkable when displayed. If there is no html entered, then
carriage returns in the description field are converted to <br>
for correct display. If there are any html tags entered, then
it is assumed that the whole description is html.

- Tilt/rotate reset buttons added to the Navigation Panel

- In measure mode, points can be selected by left-click and deleted
using the Delete key

- Online help is now included in the installer and tooltips have
been added

- Tour mode can be paused/continued at any point

Fixes and Known Issues

(fixes after 2.2.973)

- a problem with trackball navigation where small click-move actions
over the ocean (or other negative altitude areas) would cause unreasonably
fast throw velocity when released.

- if 3Dview font size was set too small, application could crash.

- a problem where KML created by newer versions of Keyhole would not
be readable by 2.2.

- added support for https in network link URLs

- hyperlink detection in the Description field sometimes
broke if <CR> immediately followed

(fixed between 2.2.81 (July 21st) and 2.2.973 (September 3rd))

- (EC only) SSL server certificates are now offered for installation instead
of silently failing

- editing overlays with terrain on and at altitude now works much better

- eighth-bit or 16-bit charset user names would cause the program to fail to start up

- F11 no longer stops the tour

- copy screenshot to clipboard was sporadically failing

- eta-imported overlay transparency was backwards

- mouse-wheel+arrow-rotate would stick in rotate mode some cases

- the point-n-zoom cursor mode would be reset anytime you used measure,
went to full screen, or used the overview. It is now correctly remembered.

- the "p" key correctly pauses a tour. Unpausing a tour will still involve
a new fly-to path, so its not quite the same as VCR-style control of the tour.
Spacebar now correctly aborts the tour.

- a crash could occur if you right-clicked on the Keyhole tab when nothing
was expanded

- 1.7-style .eta files containing overlays were not loaded

- last database server selected is remembered

- (PRO/EC) movies with filled polygons now render correctly

- now can drag items into a closed folder

- renaming a placemark directly in the layer tree now sticks

- PNG & JPEG files with only 8 bits/pixel will now import correctly as overlays

Known issues:
- If you are having trouble printing or making movies where the resultant image
is tiled or otherwise defective, try to keep the 3D view window uncovered during the render.
If your card allows it, switching to the DirectX renderer in the preferences panel
and restarting is a better solution to this problem.

- This will typically be seen on workstation-class graphics cards like FireGL or Quadro
To work around this problem on ATI FireGL's OpenGL, go to the properties panel of the Display,
choose settings-->Advanced--> "OpenGL" or "graphics," and select the "3dsmax" profile.

- For Quadro, checkbox the "use unified back/depth buffer" deep inside the advanced
Display Properties settings.

- Performance can deteriorate if your disk is fragmented. Stuttering (inconsistent)
frame rate is the most visible symptom. Use the
to defragment the disk drive that contains the Keyhole client data (Documents and Settings).

- If you have a modern, high-performance graphics card, you should see a smooth frame
rate in most cases. If you are seeing a choppy frame-rate, one (obscure) explanation
may be your AGP port speed. We have noticed that ATI cards tend to fall back from
AGP 4x to AGP 0x (aka PCI speed) and do so without warning you. Go to the display
control panel->settings->advanced and see if it tells you what speed it is running.
Fixing this is sometimes hard, involves BIOS changes, motherboard driver updates (eg: Via4in1),
and maybe hardware configuration changes.

- A folder can be selected and the transparency of all of its children modified. This
means that any time a single child item has been saved with partial transparency, the
transparency of the individual is lost whenever a folder is selected.

- Embedded HTML in the description can include font/style/table tags, but IMG SRC
can only refer to files on the local machine (eg C:\, not http://)

- 1.7-style Synchronization is not supported

- Drag-and-drop of a KML file from an email program (such as Microsoft Outlook) will
not work. However, double-clicking a KML file from an email program works properly.

- Default view for overlay incorrect when creating an overlay in an
area with high altitude and terrain turned on. Use "create view"
in the edit overlay window to fix it.

- When starting the Keyhole client, selected items in "My Keyhole" are loaded. This
can cause very long start-up times if overlays are turned on.

- DirectX can't change the thickness of wireframe borders

- Some (relatively rare) GeoTiff projections and image file formats are not supported

- Some (relatively rare) SHP/TAB projections are not support

- With Windows XP, running the OpenGL version of Keyhole software can
affect the appearance of the tooltip help popups on the Windows taskbar

- JPEG-in-TIFF files are not supported - these are a very special version of
TIFF files that use jpeg compression embedded in a TIFF wrapper

- Editing individual polygon colors will not work until parent folder
unsets "random colors" checkbox

Graphics Card/Driver compatibility notes

Typically, OpenGL has better visual appearance due to standardized access
to features. If you can, use OpenGL. Typically, DirectX is more reliable
on older graphics cards and may be your only choice in some circumstances.

!ALWAYS update your graphics drivers!

ATI FireGL* cards
OpenGL - can have problems with movie/print/email-image when covered,
To work around this problem on ATI FireGL's OpenGL, go to the properties panel of the Display,
choose settings-->advanced-->"OpenGL" or "graphics," and select the "3dsmax" profile.
DirectX - even though DirectX doesn't have the printing problem, OpenGL is recommended
after the workaround above.

ATI 340 IGP - driver or later (Motherboard driver section)
OpenGL - doesn't work
DirectX - works

ATI Rage, Rage Pro, XPERT 2000
OpenGL - doesn't work
DirectX - doesn't work

ATI Rage128, Rage128Pro - driver or later
OpenGL - doesn't work
DirectX - works (needs 32-bit True Color for e-mailing images, printing & movie making)

ATI Radeon 7000 - driver or later
OpenGL - works
DirectX - works

ATI Radeon 8500+ - driver or later
OpenGL - works
DirectX - works

ATI Radeon X800 - driver
OpenGL - works (note, Anisotropic does not get turned on correctly. Keep it
turned off and use the driver control panel to force it on)
DirectX - works

Intel 810/815 - driver or later
OpenGL - works
DirectX - on certain configurations, there are problems. Use OpenGL.
Direct3D requires a 16bit or 32bit screen, so it will not
run in 24bit mode.

- Intel 810/815 with .3198 driver and Windows XP-SP2-RC2 running OpenGL crashes.
Don't install XP-SP2 on a machine with this graphics card.
- Changing anisotropic settings can cause image corruption until restart.

Intel 82845/82855 - driver or later
OpenGL - driver has problems with filled polygons: they show up white
DirectX - works
CTRL+ALT+Up (or Down) Arrows are hot keys for the 845, so you can't fine-adjust zoom in/out ... nldID=7511

Intel 82865G - driver .3762
OpenGL - works
DirectX - works
CTRL+ALT+Up (or Down) Arrows are hot keys for the 865, so you can't fine-adjust zoom in/out ... nldID=7511

Matrox Parhelia 128/G450/G550
OpenGL - works (g550 does not work for filled polygons, disable advanced features if you have problems)
DirectX - does not work at all, must use OpenGL

nVidia GeForce 1/2MX - driver .6177 (aka
OpenGL - works
DirectX - works

nVidia TNT2 - driver .6177
OpenGL - works
DirectX - works

nVidia GeForce4 MX-400 (420/440) - driver .6177
OpenGL - has problems with printing and movie making, use DirectX
DirectX - works

nVidia GeForce* - driver .6177
OpenGL - works
DirectX - works

nVidia Quadro* cards - driver .6177
OpenGL - may have problems with movie/print/email-image when covered,
checkbox the "use unified back/depth buffer" in the advanced tab
of the Display->Advanced->OpenGL options and then restart.
DirectX - works

S3 Unichrome - driver .0074
OpenGL - renders incorrectly... use DirectX
DirectX - works

S3 SuperSavage, ProSavage DDR - driver .0074
OpenGL - renders incorrectly and/or crashes due to driver problems... must use DirectX
DirectX - works, except it doesn't support filled polygons
(some screen sizes may not be able to go full-screen without getting "Apologies - Internal Error",
try reducing your screen size, Keyhole detail area, Keyhole pixel depth to 16, and/or
screen depth to 16)

- in DirectX, email-view, copy-view, and print will not work if your S3 Display depth is 16-bit,
so you may have to decide whether you want full screen or email-view because both may
not be possible.

SiS 315e - SiS UniVGA3 Graphic Driver (v3.60) - Released 2004-07-09
OpenGL - works but has severe rendering problems, no filled polygons, may crash
DirectX - works correctly

SiS 650e -
OpenGL - works, problems rendering movies
DirectX - works, problems rendering movies

3Dfx - untested
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Post 3+ Months Ago

packy wrote:
I can't determine anything about my Graphic Card and the amount of memory of the card. .

Quite a lengthy post. Without reading the majority of it, if you want to find out how much memory your graphics card has, go to Start -> Control Panel. Then open up Display, go to the Settings tab and click Advanced. Go over to the Adapter tab and it'll give you all the specs of your graphics card. From what I glanced at, the program you're working with only requires a minimum of 32mb card, so check to see if yours is equal to or greater than that. I dont know what your exact question/problem is, but hopefully that helps.

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