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Hi--I'm new to this stuff and confused so bear with me, please--- I have a Windows XP and I have a 2GB Ipod nano---about 3 days ago---i noticed that the computer--- nothing happens when I plug it in--nothing in Itunes, Real Player or My Computer--- the Ipod just charges---

My dad he downloaded stuff from microsoft update--i don't know if thats related or not---there is a microsoft KB that interferes with Plug and Play--i read that---but I don't think I have that update--i looked for it. I still asked micrsoft to give me a hotfix for that problem--they did and nothing really happened when i down loaded it. im so dumb i might not have done it right----or maybe it didn't work because i didn't have that particular update that the hotfix corrects.

On October 14-- about then--i got a new cd--saved the songs, transfered them to the ipod no problem--now the computer dosnt know the Ipod is hooked in---I uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes---I stoped and started the Ipod service in device manager---I even deleated what I think were corrupt registery Keys---after i did that--the device manager said I had an unknown device--it was refering to my A drive though--my Patriot Memory Storage Device--where all my Word things are--the computer still recognizes that---i don't want to inflict any more damage---someone help---whats wrong with Windows that it dosn't know my Ipod all of a sudden?
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hmmm. Interesting problem. It could be a problem with your USB port, and it either not being USB 2.0 or how your Ipod is formatted.


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