Laptop Only Powers on if it Wants to.

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Hey everyone, im looking for a little help.

I have a laptop (HP DV9205ca) and i have having a little bit of a strange issue. It has happened to me twice now where the machine with just decide not to power on. Both times i have been able to get it back up and running by unplugging the power and battery and then replacing them trying different combinations to make it work. Trying to start it on battery wont always work, trying to start it on AC alone wont always work, and trying to start on both wont always work. Eventually one of the combinations will work. (the first time was with just battery, the second with just AC). Just a little info on the machine. The machine has a light where the ac plugs in and it lights up if there is power coming from the adapter, as well as the standard on light, charging light, and hdd light, and wireless light, as well as touch sensitive lit keys. Now heres whats happening. The AC plug light will be on when the machine is plugged in no matter what, however trying to turn it on wont work, then after unpluging and plugging back in, and removing and reinserting battery the charging light will come on but it will still not power on. At one point this last time the machine tried to turn on then the hardware froze, the on light was flashing, the wireless light was on (in the not connected state) and the touch keys were lit up. i tried to reboot the machine by holding the power button, but it would not turn off no matter how long i held it. So i had to pull the battery and unplug to reboot. then after a little more fiddling it came on.

I still have extended warranty on the machine, but i dont want to take it in unless the problem is constant or ill just be out a machine for a couple weeks even if they cant duplicate the problem.

On a side note, i had the machine fix previously and the replaced the motherboard adn since then i get an odd flicker on the screen every once in a while where the screen will flicker black and then correct itself. im thinking the motherboard is still shot, but like i said i dont want to ship it out if i cant duplicate the problem.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what this could be? and if so would do you know of any ways to consistantly duplicate the problem?

thank you very much
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It sounds like a bad battery, but I'd try a bios flash first. Then a new battery, and last a new mb. Replacement mb's are generally refurbs so I wouldn't be surprised if it ws a mb issue.
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Most likely a loose connection on the motherboard, bad motherboard or bad battery. If its still under warranty, send it back for repairs. If you had the motherboard replaced less than a year ago, the replacement may still be under warranty.

I would send it back.

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