[Expert Advice Needed] - Laptop Screen Backlight

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Long time Member, small time poster, Don't like asking for help normally, but I'm gasping at straws now. Time to wave the white flag and surrender.

Here are the details,

Make: HP
Model: G61
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium
RAM: 2x 2GB (4GB Total)
HDD: 320GB

The laptop itself was picked up by the screen, and the screen cracked. Still fully working condition just cracks in the screen glass. I bought a new screen from the internet, and I got nothing on the screen, however in better light conditions i saw it was working just no back light was there. So I went onto the internet an ordered a new screen cable and Inverter. Still no luck, I tried the new screen in another laptop I have that uses the same fittings (Quite a common screen type and fitting) Worked in that laptop brilliantly. Put the screen back into the HP G61 to be plagued by frustration. Using the VGA port on the HP G61 I tried an external monitor. Works fine, but that defeats the object of it been a laptop as I use it on the train. Ordered another inverter from a different website. No luck. I cant put the old screen back as I dropped it by accident after taking it out of the laptop (not connected)

To summarize: New screen (tried & tested), 2x New Inverter, New screen cable, Works on a monitor. Still no back light.

Overall I have spent over £100 on this and I'm not prepared to spend any more as I could have bought a cheap second hand one.

If anyone out there is able to give me any advice on what to try or even point me in the right direction I would appreciate it lots.
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The first thing I'd check would be that there's actually power being sent to the inverter.

It's possible it could be your lid switch too. This gets pressed when the lid is closed to turn the light off. I'm not sure about your exact model, but if you don't see it somewhere near the hinge, it'll be a magnetic switch in the lid itself.
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I know you tried all these things but it sounds to me like the tracers just arn't connecting on the connections to the backlight. Very gently test the cables and connections to the backlight and inverter. Are the cables able to power the other screen? If everything else is excluded than it has to be the connection somehow. What else could it be? Make sense?

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