Laptop Woes

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Any one have any luck taking apart a laptop, and is it very difficult.

Let me elaborate. I have a Gateway M675 with the 17" widescreen. About a day or 2 ago the screen starting wigging out. It keeps fluttering, and scrolling like it wants to roll. Think like bad tracking on a VHS tape. I have not made any changes to the laptop in ages. I checked the vid drivers and they are the latest that Gateway offers.

I am thinking that some how the connection from the motherboard to the monitor has come loose. Figures that my warranty is up. I poked around the Gateway site and found directions to taking out the keyboard to replace it. I was thinking that I would try that and see if I could see the cable without the keyboard in.

If all else fails I guess I could contact Gateway and see how much they would charge me to ship it back to them and have them fix it. I have to believe that, that would be pricey.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Taking a laptop apart is not recommended for the faint hearted, I wouldn't even consider it unless you know your way around PC hardware very well and aren't too worried about any damage you may do to it. Laptops, in general aren't made for poking around inside, anything but the battery, drives and memory isn't designed with the ease access anywhere in mind.

I have in the past taken a laptop apart to fix a broken cooling fan, but it was not at all straight forward and it took a very long time to get it back together properly. In summary if you want your laptop back in working order quickly get Gateway to fix it, if you want to see the in realms of a laptop and it isn't of great value have a go yourself.
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I agree i took a laptop apart before. It was a broken one so i had nothing to lose, turned out he mb was bad and it wasnt worth it to replace it. anyways its quite a challenge just to get it open. I am very familiar with computer hardware, laptops as well but its still tricky i wouldnt reccomend it

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