D-Link 302g being a ....

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I have encountered an odd problem. My flatmate have identical pcs and the same o/s (xp no sp), yet he can connect to the internet through our modem and i cant. our mighty Dlink 302g will let me see it, and modify settings, but wont let me past. Last night we hooked pour pcs up to a swithc , and once again he could connect and i couldnt. We went through the the whole list, tcp/ip auto matic, manual, front ported ips, etc. untill i decided to physically reset the moidem... five minutes later niether of us can connect..

any ideas, we can just stare at the modem config on the monitor now, not as much fun as BF2..

kv800t gigabyte mbrds
amd64 3400+ cpus
80gig seagate 7200rpm HDs
1 gig of ddr 400 ram
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try set some secure password?
or configure to allow specific IP as the user's manual introduced?
anyway, u'd better discuss it with ur flatmate.....
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You should consider installing SP2, this update ts great when it comes to networking, Also if you have a firewall, this may have been your problem all alone, because Firewalls will block your network connections, if it doent have your network's IP range in the trusted zone. try chequing that, also re check your router( if is a router) configuration.
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Try hooking his computer up to them modem directly, then yours. That will let you know if it is a problem with the router or the computer.

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