linking LInksys BEFSR41 with Dlink DL-614+

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ok i always had the befsr41 router which dont have any wireless.
I got the dl614+ router free and it supports wireless connection so i m trying to link the 2 routers.
The befsr41 router has an uplinking port 4 other ports and a wan port.
the wan port on befsr41 is connected to a cable modem to connect to internet.
the DL614+ router has a wireless port, 4 other port an a wan port.
my questions are as follosws:

1) which ports should i use to connect the 2 routers?

2) what kinda rj45 in straight or crossover should i use?

3) how should i set up the router's lan and wan and dhcp configuration so all the computers connected can get on the internet also can see eachother if they r on the same workgroup.

4) (optional)what measures should i take to secure myself from wireless hacking?

Thank you in advance
happy new year to everyone
Please help me....
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Post 3+ Months Ago

1: If I remember correctly, connect the uplink port on the linksys to the wan port on the dlink.

2: use a regular RJ45 cable.

3: I had a similar configuration (though I had a netgear wireless) and I didn't have to change any of the config settings for it to work properly.

4: Use 128bit encryption and make it mandatory. For this, you will have to set up the key or passphrase on the dlink, then use the same key or passphrase on the computers that will be connecting to it. Also make sure the computers are on the same SSID and the same channel and are operating in the same mode as the router (ad hoc or infrastructure).
SSID can be a bit confusing, but think of it like a group name for your wireless stuff. In fact, to keep things simple, my workgroup name and SSID are the same (BORG_COLLECTIVE)

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