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Post 3+ Months Ago

I am having an issue accessing a drive only days ago I could get into.

It has all my documents, music, and pictures.

I am about to backup the files sometime next week (after I get my external HD) but until then, I have several GB of data I canNOT afford to lose.

This might be important info:
>was C:\
+got new HD and OS
+C:\ became D:\ and new HD became C:\
+until this, have had ZERO problems with drives
>accessed on regular basis
>Recent Documents still shows files located exclusivly on D:\ drive
>old drive came with computer & has (still visible, still accessable) seperate partition for restore purposes
+went from D:\ to E:\ (and still is) when new HD installed
>attempting to open D:\ (when it actually wants to show up in 'My Computer') results in "Location is not Available | D:\ is not accessable _ Incorrect function" error message
>My Computer properties displays drive as 0 bytes capacity/free
>Computer Management displays drive as 456.21 GB capacity/free
+also displays drive format as RAW (pretty sure it was NTSF before)
+drive shows as 'Healthy'

need help please (withOUT losing data on D:\)

any more info needed?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Go back to the installation you had before you installed this drive (if you can) and plug in the "D" drive through an external case as a slave drive (if it's not a master drive) and try to access it then.

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