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Background: Have two pc's at home in seperate rooms. Wired lan, both running xp, intend to put gentoo back on the dell sc420 as soon as I find reliable drivers for the radeon x600.

I want a mac. Been waiting for mactell to be put in all their systems.
It will be my web design computer, have adobe cs2 package for mac.

The powerbook pro screen, offers glossy or normal, which is better?

The imac is probably what I will get, as I don't "need" to bring the laptop to work, but would have fun doing so (work is 104% pc).

What do you think, laptop or stationary? (laptop 17" max stationary 20")
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Personally I like the glossy macbook pro, but to each his own.

As for the Laptop vs. Desktop predicament considering the application I would go the way of the desktop as you can dual desktop with multiple LCD monitors and it makes working with photoshop, dreamweaver, flash ect.. much easer with more room.

Then again its all up to your style I like to be laid back surrounded by my 3 NEC 2080UX+ LCDs (20.1 Viewable) when I work. Then I know some people like to be 3 inches away from a laptop. So it's a decision that's entirely yours.

I'm not sure about plugging rules here but take a look here if there is anything your interested in let me know, I'll see if I can save you some cash.

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