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Hey guys,

Planning on building a Boxee media center box for my TV. It (the TV) supports both HDMI and Component hookups as well as normal a/v.

Where I'm stuck is how will I control it?

I would need an IR Reciever/Transmitter for it and I know they have media center PC's with these build into the front (kind of like the ones on TVs, VCR's, etc.) but how would I get this working on my current box?

Also, it seems I might have to get a new motherboard; one that supports HDMI out. Is there a cheaper solution?

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The easiest solution i can see would be to purchase a cheap wireless mouse and keyboard.
But if you do a quick search on google for specific IR receivers and remotes that work with Boxxee.

Im sure the boxxee site will have people who know which specific ones would work best with that software.

or you could just use Windows media center if you have it.
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There is also Myth Ubuntu which has controls and several other free Linux distros. These have interfaces. Also their are some Media boxes available as cases that have the IR interface. Try Silverstone dot com? Hopefully that helps?

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