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what's the difference between memory size and the memory interface on a graphic card.

for example, i see some that have a size of 256MB but a n interface of 128MB. That doens't make sense to me.

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The size is the capacity of storement and the interface is about the velocity of processing...
Memory Interface
Probably the most important factor when choosing a card is the memory interface.
The memory interface is the number of “bits” that are transferred at a time. A “bit” is basically a slot for a binary number to go (a 0 or 1). Hence, the greater the number of bits, the greater the value being transferred can be. The interesting thing with binary is how much an improvement 128-bit is on 64 bit. While with 64 there are only 64 slots for a 0 or 1 to fill making a total of 2x10^19 possible values, 128 bit means a possible 3.5x10^38 values, that’s nearly 2x10^19 as many values.
While the performance increase isn’t quite this significant you get the idea. 128-bit is a lot better than 64-bit. The minimum you should be looking at is 128-bit if you do any modern gaming. 256-bit is usually reserved for the higher end cards, but is well worth it if you can afford it.

Memory Size
While this is not that important, you need at least 128MB. The reason this is less important is games only take up a certain amount of memory. If you have an excess amount of memory (say 512MB for a low end game) you will actually end up slowing the game down as the graphics card will have to sift through a larger memory bank to get the required information and hence take longer. Obviously this is exaggerating a bit but it is why only the very high-end cards have 512MB as they have very fast memory clocks to compensate.
If there is only $5 or $10 in it, I would go for 256MB, but be aware this is not the be all and end all of performance.

This and more here:

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