Multiple Broadband -> 1 server = larger pipe?

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Im wondering if its possible to connect multiple broadband modems (seperate accounts) to one computer/server with multiple NIC cards.... having it act as a larger pipeline...

Reason being is that for a 3MB upload its $1,500 install and $450 a month... with an MRC of $1,350 (whatever that is)

But couldn't i "technically" have 3 broadband internet accounts with 1MB upload (costing only $40 a month, free install)... which totals around $120 a month?

Thanks for any info.
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bride connections.. i have no idea if that would work.. thats all i got.
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you could have multiple NICs installed in your computer, but I think they use one at a time, or at the most (I'm guessing here), having one for upstream and one for downstream. As far as briging them to make one single... not sure... haven't heard of that yet.
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Taking two network cards and making them act as one is called "Teaming".

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