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Currently i have a pentium 4 and a pretty cheap motherboard. Im saving for the Asus A8n32 Sli board, Amd Athlon 3800+ and for a good Pci-e graphic card, but as my computer is soo crappy right now and i dont have a graphic card in my computer yet i need to upgrade it but the problem is i dont have the money. I have an agp slot in here but i think if i buy an agp card it will be a waste of money as i will change my board in around 3-4 months and besides i want to get a PCI-e card. So i saw this budget motherboard and graphic card and i want to know if you guys think i should get it ... I want to get these hardwares and tell me if they are any good or if im just wasting my money :

Amd athlon 64 3400+
Connect 3D X1300 Pro PCI-e card
MSI K8NGM-V Motherboard

Am i wasting money ? Or should i go for it considering right now i have a P4 2.4 ghz with no graphic card. Or should i just save money and get the SLI Mobo ?

And one more question, Is there any motherboard which supports both dual core and single core amd processors and has 2 PCI-e slots ? I was wondering if i could get the hardware mentioned above and then get the mobo which supports dual core and then upgrade one by one.
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All those would be pretty good, actually. But there really isn't a huge difference between the 3400 and a P4 2.4, to be honest wit hyou. I mean, I'd just buy a chep AGP card for the current computer and then not buy a new computer until Vista is out. Sure the Athlon 64 is "64-bit" but most people still use the 32-bit Windows with their 64-bit CPU's, so there's no point in having spent the money on a 64-bit CPU (trust me, I have 2 of'em, both running 32-Bit OS's, even though I'd RATHER run XP x64, it's still kinda buggy, and nothing really takes advantage of it, so there's no point).

Buy a cheap AGP card for you computer, and wait a few months. Trust me - the difference in having a good graphics accelerator right now will be a big enough difference to tide you over until February or March, and by then you'll have a bigger stash set aside. ;)

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NuAngel is correct. Right now isn't the time to buy a new machine.

I also wouldn't go for the socket 939 architecture when you do buy anyway. Your best bet is to go with the new AM2. In a few months you should see great advancements and probably another processor war.

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