New to burning: Am I stupid?

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(I hope this is in the right forum. I'm new here and just starting out. I apologize if this post is miscategorized.)

If you don't mind, in this thread I'd like to take a little sting out of the word "stupid" if I can. I'm smart in some categories of life, and stupid in other areas. Aren't most of us? To the point: even though my username is Eat Good, in this thread, go right ahead and call me stupid. Call me stupid in order to make your point, have a little fun, and because my question is one that a n00b would ask. My question is coming right up, I promise, but first a very brief summary of my situation:

I have two DVD burners. One writer is built into my Dell XPS 400 desk top. The write speed is 16X. The other writer is one that I purchased at Fry's Electronics. It's made by Memorex. It also has a write speed of 16X. I posted the link to it down below. Unfortunately, this particular Memorex does not have any user reviews at Amazon, Newegg or anywhere else for that matter, so I can't tell if it's a Rolls Royce or if it's a junk yard special. My question: would I be stupid to use my desktop writer as opposed to the Memorex writer? Or would there be no difference in the quality of the burn? To help smart people out there answer that question I'll provide the following details:

>last night I got schooled on DVD's. It appears that I'd be stupid to use a DVD other than the ones sold by TAIYO YUDEN and Verbatim, that's for sure. And maybe Sony, too. So I'll stick with those, for now

>this subject came to a head when I decided to get serious about finding the best way to back up my data. That's the main reason why I 'm learning the basics about burning. I have much to learn and thus I'm still a little stupid on the subject of burning, writers, DVD's, and all that goes with it

>i'm into photography big time. I'm not a pro, but I am a street photographer who lives to shoot, so I'll be backing up a lot of images to DVD's on a weekly basis

>i've never burned a movie or a software program to a DVD, because I've never done the P2P (peer to peer sharing) thing. but please keep in mind that that is something that's just right around the corner from me, maybe only a week or two away. In short time I'll be immersing myself into the world of Bittorrent (I have a few good Bittorrent tutorials bookmarked) so I expect to be an occasional P2P'er pretty soon

This site appears to be quite popular, I was lucky to find it. Thanks to all for any advice you have to offer. :D

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Post 3+ Months Ago

As far as the quality of the burn I don't think there would be much difference. The difference that you'll find between the two dvd burners is the type of media supported and the read vs. write speeds of each. Your stock dvd burner may support fewer media types (ie: DVD+/DVD-/DVD Dual Layer) than the Memorex burner. Depending on when you got your computer, it may not even support dual layer.

Without knowing the full specs of your stock dvd burner it's difficult to make a full analysis vs the Memorex burner.

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