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I have a Toshiba Satellite 1640 CDT with a 5.58GB hdd. The last 2 weeks i am running surface scan frequently because i experienced some weird noise coming from the hdd; surface scan returned over 350 bad clusters and as far as i now, hdd will eventually fail. Some questions: is it wise to buy a new hdd of over 10GB since my processor is an old one (AMD K6 475Mhz, 192 RAM(max), Win98SE),or such a "big" hdd -compared to the one i have- will slow down my laptop. Finally, i cannot find 10GB hdd in Greek stores and they sell 40GB as their minimum size; is there any reputable online store where i can order such a small hdd and finally, do i have to contact a qualified person to install the new drive, or i can go to any store selling pc parts (is the job of installing new hdd to a laptop a really difficult task and as such can only be carried out by experts?). Thanks in advance for your help!
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Well, your NB seems quite old indeed.....

So, in my opinion,
1)if the manual says your machine can recognize an HDD larger than 8.4GB, you can surely install a 40GB one,

2)If your machine does not support (or the manual didn't say the NB will support) so large a HDD, you'd better go to Toshiba's website to have a check whether there's any BIOS update(s) for your machine supports an HDD lager than 8.4GB... IF there's one, install it...(this operation is dangerous, so you'd better have an expert to help you to)

3)an lager HDD will not slow down your machine...
also, there's hardly any HDD smaller than 40GB made since 2005, so you'd better buy a 40GB one for it shall be NEW - that means it can work longer than a old(secondhand) one...

4)if you are careful enough, you can install the HDD yourself by FOLLOWING THE MANUAL says.(Most manual have an introduction in how to do this)

5)for the laptop is old, go to Toshiba's service center may cost a lot.....

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