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Hello, I recently purchased an Asrock K8NF6G-VSTA motherboard. I took an old but still working Socket A mobo out of a case that I had, bought a good DVD/CD burner, and decided to use the 150 GB Western Digital PATA HDD that had worked fine with the Socket A mobo. I hooked everything up, using a generic 350 Watt PSU, PATA HDD, the SATA burner, a trusty Socket 754 Sempron 3100+ (worked fine with my main compy), and 1 GB of DDR 400 RAM (2x512).

I hooked up the power switch cables, monitor, mouse and keyboard, spun my Win XP CD on my finger, pressed the power button....pressed the power button.....nothing. No beep code. No steady green LED from the monitor, just the fans spinning on the CPU heatsink fan.

I went online to look for possible solutions. Apparently this is a common problem with some new motherboards. The best solution is to reset to CMOS using the jumpers or simply taking out the battery on the mobo. Great! The perfect simple solution! I reset the CMOS using the jumpers, pressed the almighty power button, and low and behold, IT WORKS! I install windows, tweak the BIOS a bit, install all the updates and anti-virus, everything works perfectly.

24 hours later, I wake up, press the power button in hopes of installing some of me favorite the power the power button.....crap. Ok, if it worked once, it'll work again right? I reset the jumper cables and press the power button.....still nothing....doublecrap.

So I go online again, find a wide array of solutions from resetting all the cables, popping the battery, switching around the RAM, booting with minimal specs (RAM, CPU and GPU only), switching every single component, and botting from outside the case on a cardboard surface just in case there's a short somewhere. I tried em all. Nothing's worked so far.

24 hours later, I am highly considering taking this thing back to the store and getting a refund. So I've written this down here in hopes there's SOMETHING i've missed or overlooked. Otherwise I'm completely miffed at why it worked once in the first place, but wouldn't function at all after 24 hours. Any commentary or possible solutions would be highly appreciated.

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I am thinking getting your money back and trying a different motherboard might be a good idea. Otherwise, when you take the CMOS battery out, stick a screw driver or something between the contacts where the battery was, that way if there is some sort of residual electrical charge somewhere it should get it out.
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it could be your psu i had a new one that would work because the voltage out put was different

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