Ordered new computer at Local Altex

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I made a post a day or two ago on getting a new computer from


But from what I thought long and hard on is that if somthing happens with it, their place is across the US and I would have to pay shipping and handling.

So, I went to Altex. My local computer store and ordered a new computer.

Specs are as follows.

Motherboard - FIC CELERON 2.4 GHZ ATX MB
Case - STC-10 (BLK & SLR WINDOW TOWER W/ 300W PS) - Picture
Video Card - ATI RADEON 9200 128MB 8X AGP
Harddrive - SEAGATE 120GB SERIAL ATA 7200R
Floppy - SILVER 1.44MB FL DRIVE 3.5"
RAM - 512MB PC2700 DDR N/ECC 333MHZ
OS - Windows XP : Home Edition
Xtra - 1 in/1 out TEL/MODEM SURGE PRO
They assemble (free with surge pro)
1 year free waranty/1 free year labor (Free with surge pro)

Total : $878.44

Tell me if its good :)
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Post 3+ Months Ago

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Considering you can get all of that off of Newegg for about $550-$600....

Personally, if I was going to pay to have a computer built, I would have gotten a Dell.

Wherever you bought it from gave you a free one year warranty, which is nice except all of the parts already had atleast a one year warranty on them, so its nothing special.

Besides being slightly overpriced, it doesn't sound like a bad computer.
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for that price you got a celeron?! :eek5:

Dude, I woulda gotten a dell.

or paid for shipping for ibuypower.com
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@echo off

REM -- actually I have to echo the above. I bought 6 Dells with a 17 inch monitor included for $570 each and all have a P4 1.2 Ghz (price includes monitor - Same amount of RAM.

Not to make you feel bad, but you paid more than you needed to.

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